The Epicurean Cultural Center of Samos is housed in the old Tobacco Factory, on Sachtouri and Kanari streets, in the historic center of Samos.

The Epicurean Cultural Center is a typical example of an industrial building of its time, a miniature of the Public Tobacco Factory of Athens, on Lenorman Street. The building restoration contributes to the promotion of the architectural heritage of the first industrial buildings in Greece. A series of reinforcements, repairs and interventions were carried out in the interior layout of the building and the configuration of the surrounding area, in order to restore the exterior of the building in its original form and to repair and restructure the interiors, in order to serve new uses based on modern standards which will ensure the functional reintegration of this important old building in the life of Samos.

The main uses of the Epicurean Cultural Center of Samos are the following:

  • Theater and events hall
  • Τheater, music, dance, painting, photography and other cultural workshops
  • Exhibition space
  • Library
  • Meeting room
  • Support offices for cultural associations and their activities
  • Canteen
  • Darkroom for displaying photos

We hope that the Epicurean Cultural Center will become a “jewel” not only for the island but also for the entire North Aegean